Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Work from Oak Grove Technologies

Some of my work that I created while at Oak Grove Technologies. These projects were done as a part of a team.

Created 3D character model, texture and rigged for animation for this safety course.

Assisted in writing script, story boarding, 3D models, animation, surfacing, lighting, rendering, compositing.
Part of informational videos to educate on type 1 diabetes.

3D Avatar creation

Avatar Frank from Thomas Davis on Vimeo.

Avatar Jeff from Thomas Davis on Vimeo.

Motion Graphics concepts

Hologram Motion Graphics from Thomas Davis on Vimeo.

Motion Graphics ASVAB from Thomas Davis on Vimeo.

Oak Grove Technologies' presents an interactive game that helps children learn how to manage their diabetes. By spending time with Sue Lin, children learn more about managing their own blood glucose levels, how different foods affect their blood sugar, and when to take insulin. This application could be compatible with mobile devices or included with glucose monitoring devices.

Oak Grove's Multimedia demo.  I worked on several of the pieces in this montage:

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